Merry Christmas

In early December we were lucky to once again hold our annual club Christmas meal, and the celebration was a great success. Starting with a paddle for the hardy members amongst us, a festive crew headed towards Hammersmith to spread a little cheer in their santa hats. It was then on to the George & Devonshire where the staff had decorated the room with Christmas decorations and crackers galore, and we tucked into seasonal food … Read more

Taster sessions

We’ve had some great taster sessions over the last year and met some fantastic people. Thank you to all the coaches and helpers who got involved, and to the taster paddlers for putting 100% into trying out new skills, mucking in, and generally being lovely! We’re glad to welcome some of you as members and hope to see the rest of you by the river soon. Our taster sessions are nearly over for the season … Read more

Pyrana fusion 2 ( medium) for sale

Pyrana fusion 2 ( medium) for sale £600.Bought new from Whitewater the Canoe Centre, July 2020 for £850. Currently at Chiswick. Can deliver locally if needed. Contact Elizabeth 020 8994 9527/07762 085840 The Pyrahna website describes it as. follows: With the Fusion II, you can combine both whitewater and touring to create bigger adventures. You might just be getting started in the sport, and haven’t settled on which type of kayaking you prefer yet, or … Read more

Aug 8th Club paddle to Putney!

It was a happy band led by Sarah, Dave K and Elaine who set off into the grey and drizzling rain to go under the newly opened Hammersmith Bridge and head towards Putney for the first time in over a year!

Giant fish & chips, ammonites, a birthday and a missing lighthouse.

Sea kayaking camping weekend 17th & 18th of July 2021 Birthday party on Dancing Ledge, Rock hopping and Cave dwelling. Tent testing and beer tasting. Sun bathing. Shape throwing. Spaghetti sea weed. Rolling rock monsters. Rocking roll monsters. Sea kayak galore. A really lovely weekend with Elaine, Eliza, Frank, Glen, Julia and Carlos. With acceptable weather conditions and a bit of sun. Wonderful group dynamics and awesome tidal planning by Elaine which helped inform Sunday’s … Read more

South Coast Camping Weekend

10th, 11th, 12th & 13th of June 2021 (extended weekend)with Harriet, Safi, Michelle, James, Tudor, Frank & Eliza, with Carlos (as additional coach) Old Harry, Swanage, Kimmeridge, Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, more Old Harry,Corfe Castle, The New Inn, Knowle Church, Lidl Wareham Rock hopping, trips, tide racing, eating & drinking. Nerding out on sea kayaking, camping gear, paddles, bicycles, ales… What can I say: It’s always good to know there are options for when the … Read more

Another in the series of a slower paddle from Chiswick to wherever we get to!

Another in the series of a slower paddle from Chiswick to where ever we get to! Flooding tide with high tide around the 1pm mark Coach Steve Canoe Paddlers Mick Kayak and MJ Canoe Start time circa 10:30 On the day Chiswick Pier had a couple of groups heading out, so Coach Steve’s team waited until they were clear of the pontoon area before heading down. We waited on the bridge, even then it was … Read more

Sea Kayaking Training Session

Saturday 05th of June 2021 A trip to the White Swan followed by session working on rescues and self rescues. In terms of weather and temperatures quite a good day to have done this. A completely self motivated team (Michelle, Leon, Eliza & Frank) – I had so much fun observing and making pictures. An absolute wonderful day. (Again) Super day. Lovely team. Great skills. Time add a few waves.

Thames 2 Sea

29th of May 2021 – CPCC to Teddington & back01st of June 2021 – Ringstead Bay to Lulworth Cove & back 2 focused 1:1 sessions with Glen The weather was with us (Yay!). We tested our strength and stamina with a long-ish paddle on the Thames 2 days before we committed to the long drive to Ringstead and the sea. With the ease of lockdown and warmer temperaturesI was able to run a handful of … Read more

Another Day another Paddle on the River Thames

As part of coach Steve’s slower paddles there was only one sign up so an easy paddle on an extremely easy tide. As my club member hadn’t paddled for a year due to lockdown, it was a very gentle introduction to paddling, so no heroics was required. A little worrying and just as the flow was right, just in front of the pontoon we practiced a little edge control. Its funny those boat designers spend … Read more