Trip Planning

This page supports those planning a paddle on the Thames with a one stop shop for relevant things to consider and supporting links to information.


  • Look at tide times:
    • High and low tides at Chiswick Pier on the club calendar.
    • Pictorial representation of the tides at Chiswick Bridge.
    • Forecasts for the year at different Thames locations.

River Conditions:

Thames Water storm discharge map.


If the wind is above Beaufort scale 4 (13-18 mph) we advise caution.

Heat / Cold – be prepared, remember forecasts can change, especially strength of wind gusts

Activities on the River:

  • Check the PLA notice to mariners and events
  • On the day call PLA on 020 3260 7711, to notify them if going beyond Putney and to check for river activities generally.

Trip Plan & Who You Are Paddling With:

Remit for CPCC Independent paddlers (when using any club kit)

Plan your route and position on the river – using Tideway code

Each member of the trip needs to be confident that members can rescue you in the craft planned for the paddle.

Contingency Options:

Plan where and how you can get off the river if needed during your paddle

In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coast Guard or use VHF Channel 16.
Alternatively dial the RNLI at Chiswick on 020 8995 5534.