Paddling Opportunities Next Sunday

Last Sunday went well so emails (not comments please) to the Enquiries email to book onto a paddle this week, preference will be given to those who did not paddle last week if we cannot take everyone out, but last week we had spare places. I will do an email out Friday night to confirm places.

2 thoughts on “Paddling Opportunities Next Sunday”

  1. Hello Sarah,

    I went to one of your Sunday sessions now a year ago (I know…quite a while..!) and always meant to come back as soon as possible. I know the club will prioritise experienced members so please do not worry if you do not have spare spaces for tomorrow…but case…I would love to join!

    Also a quick question…my daughter is 6 years old and would like to try with me….is she too young? I was thinking if you have a double seats kayak I vould try? Thanks for any advice!


  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just saw this and was meant to get in touch anyway. Thanks for telling John that I would like to come along to a paddle. We went out yesterday and it was brilliant!!! (Even though I was nearly dead on the last few metres. :D)
    So as I have been out recently I’m happy to be at the bottom of the list, but if you have a spare place for Sunday I would love to come along. 🙂
    If not, I’m sure there will be an opportunity another day.
    For now have a lovely evening and see you soon!
    Kiki 🌷

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