Thames 2 Sea

Glen – first time on the sea (with a sea kayak)

29th of May 2021 – CPCC to Teddington & back
01st of June 2021 – Ringstead Bay to Lulworth Cove & back

2 focused 1:1 sessions with Glen

The weather was with us (Yay!). We tested our strength and stamina with a long-ish paddle on the Thames 2 days before we committed to the long drive to Ringstead and the sea.

long-ish paddle to Teddington: 28.6 km or 10.04 nautical miles

With the ease of lockdown and warmer temperatures
I was able to run a handful of sessions with few club members that sum up what I would like to work on in the future. Training on the Thames, build up a little stamina and skills – test knowledge and experiences on and in the sea.

Ah! The sea!

At the moment I am working with a team of super enthusiastic, keen, curious and talented paddlers. Easy and fun.
I hope we can grow the whole sea kayaking thing and build up momentum for the sea and long boat paddling.

The club is extremely helpful and supportive.
I hope the outlook of our sea kayaking trips reframe the sessions we do on the Thames a little – give us something to work towards to. I am still completely amazed how readily people jumped into the waves and into still fairly cold water to practice rescues and self rescues. What a team.

Ringstead Bay to Lulworth Cove & back – 16.6km or 8.96 nautical miles

Thank you very much!

(all photos and names used with permission)

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  1. Martin
    Thank you!
    A patient and knowledgeable coach who has made the whole introduction to sea kayaking an absolute pleasure.

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