Winter is coming!

We had to change our plans for the south coast and ended up attacking the Marlow-Henley stretch of the Thames instead.
The weather was pretty awful, loads of rain, the autumn cold started biting and the skies were grey and low.

Luckily the team was extremely enthusiastic about the scenery and our guide, the rain stopped and the sun came out – tentatively. 
We started appreciating the virtue of good gear (layers of paddling clothes), waterproofs, paddling gloves, cookies, positive attitude, smiles and a sense of humour. 

The river up there is extremely beautiful. Peaceful. Loads of green. Proper countryside, cows and dung, dogs and birds.

As always we ended up in a pub. Chunky chips, drinks, warmth and overall cosiness.

24 km or 13 nautical miles, with Heather, Jules, Carlos, Michelle, Elaine & Tina.

2 thoughts on “Winter is coming!”

  1. Fabulous photos! Good company and beautiful scenery override a bit of rain every time.

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