CPCC visits the Queen

All my plans to do any meaningful trips out at sea this week were blown away by the weather. Again! Well it’s autumn. 

We had to get creative!

Windsor Castle

Jules, Heather, Carlos & Michelle

Luckily our man in Marlow came up with another fantastic plan. A trip from Maidenhead to Windsor castle and a pub visit –

cos’ the Queen wasn’t home.

The voyage to Windsor was nice and easy. Reflections, autumn colours and even the sun came out. The trip back was a bit of a workout since we had to paddle against the flow – rather strong with all the rain we had.

Michelle testing the latest addition to the CPCC fleet

‘Yes. I was talking to you.’

Locked up: My first gig as a lock keeper – Really good fun.

Another delightful trip with Jules, Heather & Michelle. With Carlos who did all the planning and scouting.

about 25km / 13.5 nautical (s)miles