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Greeting and salutations paddling people. Its week four of our lock down and I really hope you are doing well.

It was nice to hear from several of club members and colleagues who have been checking on our little fleet equally locked away on the pontoon and in the garage.

Once again there isn’t any specific kayaking news from our club for you this week as we are still on lockdown. You’ll recall from the previous week’s newsletter that the Pier House is locked, so no access until we are freed from lockdown.

There is news from the Pier House though or rather the Bridge to the floating pontoon.

A picture saves a thousand words…!
Pictures by Duncan Haynes – Vessel Victory

It was an early wake up call for the residents of the Historic boats moored on the outer pontoon.

On a flooding tide an adrift river cruiser floated un-personed river made its way presumably from Putney in the early hours of the morning. It progress gently towards the Bridge at Chiswick Pier where its progress was stopped by the Bridge connecting the outer pontoon to the shore.

The RNLI crew awoke the potentially affected parties whose boats are moored on the outer pontoon before 4am..! Eek!
The cruiser was apparently jammed against the bridge and the RNLI crew wanted to make sure the situation didn’t escalate into extensive bridge damage.

The Cruiser made contact with the Bridge and Infact at one stage was actually supporting the weight of the bridge resulting to damage to both the bridge itself and the cruiser.

Although the Bridge appears to be structurally undamaged some of the under deck services took a battering. As you can see from the picture, the under bridge cable tray and an possibly a cable can quite clearly be seen has been severed by the impact..

The cruiser was made safe and moored up beside the main sea wall by the RNLI.

As you know the Bridge provides essential access to the outer pontoon where the RNLI’s boats are stored. Suffice it to say the RNLI station remains in full operation and this hasn’t affected their 24 hour 365 days a year presents on our stretch of the river.

The RNLI have been busy apparently with the lockdown people are visiting the Chiswick Eyot during low water and not realising how high the tide may rise.

 To finish this little piece I thought the video beneath says it all.

Do keep safe out there and stay in contact.

Talking of staying in contact why not give someone you haven’t spoken to for a while a phone call. As they say its good to talk.

Stay safe and stay healthy in these most trying of times.
Best wishes

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  1. Thanks for keeping up the blog Steve, keeps the hopes alive of getting back on the river someday. Keep safe and well and hope to see you again soon.
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