Cheers from flooded White Cross pub!

CLUB PADDLE TO TASTE NAKED LADIES BEER. Sea Kayak Paddle with tide from Chiswick to Twickenham and back. I have included some snaps from previous paddles which I never got around to posting. So a couple of stories intermingled.

Sea Kayak Paddle 14.45- 19.00pm. Headed off on a powerful tide to Twick. Smooth paddle low wind. Not just the pigeons are exploiting CPCC’s sumptuous riverside pontoon.

No stops lots of Canadian Geese nesting on moored platforms. Swans were a bit feisty and cut across my bow a few times.

There was even an egg left on CPCC pontoon! Pretty careless mothering if you ask me.. (Kiki even called the RSPCA like they have nothing better to do!) The egg was missing on the return, somebody must have had a lovely goose omelette!! Stop crying Kiki!!! (from previous trip)
Majestic Heron flying

Heron’s were numerous in flight but also one was hanging from a tree

Crash landed heron sadly dead in tree!

Pulled into Twickenham for a pub drink the beer garden was flooded. So drinks were not being served. I turned up in my dry suit and they made an exception to the envy of the passers by who got turned away.

With pint. Now spot the empty glass nearly drowned!!

I had dragged my kayak onto the curb but that too became submerged.  I waited till the tide turned having had a nice pint of Twickenham Ale “Naked Ladies” from the local brewery (churlish not to). Good to support your local brewery and not get that imported crap. Smooth journey back, all the riverbank was getting flooded on both sides of the Thames.

Naked Ladies statue & beer –
Twickenham Brewery’s favourite beer named after the delectable ladies statue in Twickenham

Canadian Geese with its prized eggs, Fed got chased off by the future father!!!
(Teddington trip)

Getting permission from the slightly intimidating guardian father to be!!

White Cross pub gloogloo.

Kayak double parked on double yellow line. Hoping some over zealous traffic warden would not give me a parking ticket.

I arrived in Richmond to see the area around White Cross pub submerged only access was by wadding through water another pub “lock-in”. There was no escape for the drinkers who were isolated in their pub island. As I drifted past the entrance a kind soul, a beautiful blonde, reached out with a lovely blonde pint of larger. Again churlish not to accept her kind offer, she must have known I had not brought any water and was a tad parched.

Richmond drowning!
The girls getting in their kayaks

“No coffee?” Please pretty please…From a previous paddle with Kiki, Fed, Harry.

My kayak was now floating above a double yellow line so I hoped some vigilant and over zealous traffic warden would not give me a parking ticket. Smooth journey home with a lovely sun.