Paddling through the Night

20/04/2021 & 21/04/2021
with Elaine, Safi, Harriet, Leigh, James, Frank, Eliza & Federico.
Chiswick Pier to Richmond and back. Enjoying each other’s company,
the river (which was all ours), our kayaks, the silence, the sounds, moonlight and stars.

Federico, Elaine & Harriet – styling it…

Swans without lights… (clearly amateurs) and Kew Bridge.

Eliza & Safi – colour coordinated

Life is worth living again… First pint by the river (for some of us), Lovely staff… A fairly steep ramp to get out of…

We are still a little limited in terms of pubs and toilet breaks – but we got ‘lucky’ on the second evening due to indepth research of our scouting division.

Back home.
Brilliant fun! Big ‘thank you’ to everyone. Hopefully soon again.

Additional pictures by Frank.